About us

Luua Forestry School is the only vocational school in Estonia specialising in different forestry-related subjects.  We have three main teaching fields:  forestry,  horticulture and nature tourism.


Since 1948,  the school has offered education in the area of forestry; the study fields of horticulture and nature tourism have been mainly developed during the last decade.


We own more than 9000 hectares of forest area and a 9 ha arboretum with different wood plants or their varieties serving as a study base for the students.  We also have a strong partnership with a  variety of companies to improve our students´ practical skills. Our 360-degree traineeship system has been recently awarded  as a good example.


There are about 500 students and 35 teachers in our school. We currently have more than 4000 alumni. Luua Forestry School also offers a wide range of different supplementary training courses - approximately 700 adults attend the courses annually.


Luua Forestry School is situated in beautiful  Vooremaa, Jõgeva County, Estonia. The heart of the school is a manor-house built about 300 years ago and surrounded by the park that has got unique architecture and species. In the vicinity, there is the beautiful Lake Prossa.


Welcome to Luua!