Our campus

Arriving at Our Campus in Estonia

When you arrive at our campus, we kindly request that you follow our parking guidelines. We recommend taking a little time and, if possible, driving your vehicle to the large parking area located right next to the practice building upon your arrival. The distances between our buildings are quite short, typically just a few hundred meters – a manageable walk for everyone!


By parking next to the practice building, you can be certain that your vehicle won't obstruct activities like the arrival of forestry machinery, students practicing for timber sports competitions, or practical landscaping work. You can find the precise location of the parking area for navigation purposes HERE.


Should you choose to park a bit farther from the main building, you not only show your consideration but also give yourself an opportunity to transition from driving to the focus on your trainings or meetings as you walk to your destination!


At Luua Forestry School in Estonia, we aim to create a smooth and harmonious environment for all, ensuring that your visit is as pleasant and convenient as possible. Thank you for your cooperation in following our parking recommendations. We look forward to having you on our campus and wish you a wonderful and productive time during your stay with us!